It was 1979 that we produced a single ended power amplifier with 300B.   
Since then we made every effort to refine this original model. Advanced cicuit and selected 
parts result in a natural presence and dynamic  sound reproduction. 
We recommend using very efficient loudspeakers of more than 90dB and Max input lass than 50 watt.

Effective  output PowerF8W  in class A.
Input Level controller is  fitted.
Input  (Cannon Jack/ XLR) Unbalanced, 
Input Sensitivity/ImpedanceF1V/120K.  
Total Harmonic DistortionF0.1%. 
Signal to Noise RatioF110dB. 
Intermodulation DistortionF0.09%. 
Frequency responceF20-30,000Hz }3dB @ 1watt output. 
Power ConsumptionF80W. 
Power requirementsFAC 117V or 220-230V 50/60Hz. 
DimensionsFW 405~H 220~D 260mm. 
Output  TubeFW.E.300B(made in 1988)~1.